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Smart Sampler Concentrator


Sixsenso aims to change how microbiological water quality is monitored worldwide bringing the lab to the origin of water contamination by rapid microorganism monitoring tools.

SX-CON is a microorganism concentrator module which  can rapidly filtrate large volume of water samples (in the order of litres) and elute them in a few millilitres reservoir, providing an increasing concentration factor of some orders of magnitude, depending on the application. It is designed to be portable (with large battery autonomy) and robust to use in the most challenging outdoors’ environmental conditions or simply operating in the laboratory.

Combine SX-CON with several microbiological assessment techniques and methods in order to increase their representativeness and enhance their sensitivity, including standard or fluorescence microscopy, Lateral Flow Device (LFD) assays, Defined Substrate Technology (DST) based assays, Nanoparticles-based assays, Antigen-based assays, rRNA-based assays and PCR assays. It has been proven to be suitable for virus, gram negative and gram positive bacteria, and phytoplankton concentration, in fresh water, brackish water and sea water. It has direct application in bathing and recreational waters, ports and harbours water, ballast water IMO-D2 regulation compliance, waste


Portable concentrator system

Enhance your microbiological  assessment by a rapid on-site pre-concentration step.

Filtrate large volumes of water and elute them in a few mils to easily increase the assay’s sensitivity and sample representativeness reaching target microorganism concentration levels required for your application.


Filtrated sample Volume
From 100 mls to 3.000 mls
Eluted sample Volume
From 0,1 ml to 3 mls
Concentration Factor (CF)
From x10 to x1.000
Flow rate
200 ml/min @100 rpm. (Powered by 24W peristaltic pump)
Internal Diameter (ID) tubing
From ID 2.4 to 8.0 mm (ID 4,8mm by default)
Internal rechargeable battery – 8 hours continuous operation
26,5 x 24,5 x 17 cm
3,5 Kg
IP rating lid closed/open
IP68 / IP65


SX-CON - Concentrator Internal

Specification - Concentrator Internal Features

SX-CON - Brochure
SX-CON - Handbook