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SixSenso combines image sensor technology with an innovative configuration to deliver accurate and representative statistical data about  concentration  of micro-organisms in water. The technology allows for large detection volumes and is built using easily available consumer electronics components.  

In addition to high detection sensitivity, SixSenso’s solutions are compact, portable, and robust. Along with its customised data processing and user interface, these are ideal for applications in which integration and scalability are crucial.

Publications demonstrating SixSenso’s capabilities:

i) «An image cytometer based on angular spatial frequency processing and its validation for rapid detection and quantification of waterborne microorganisms»

Journal’s link:!divAbs…

ii) «CMOS based image cytometry for detection of phytoplankton in ballast water».

Journal’s link:

The technology is easily adaptable to your manufacturing and sensing needs. Please contact us for any enquiries at